firstRemoteAudioDecoded property Null safety

UidWithElapsedCallback? firstRemoteAudioDecoded
read / write

Occurs when the engine receives the first audio frame from a specified remote user.

Deprecated Use VideoRemoteState.Decoding in remoteAudioStateChanged instead.

This callback is triggered in either of the following scenarios:

  • The remote user joins the channel and sends the audio stream.
  • The remote user stops sending the audio stream and re-sends it after 15 seconds. Possible reasons include: -- The remote user leaves channel. -- The remote user drops offline. -- The remote user calls the RtcEngine.muteLocalAudioStream method. -- The remote user calls the RtcEngine.disableAudio method.

The UidWithElapsedCallback typedef includes the following parameters:


UidWithElapsedCallback? firstRemoteAudioDecoded;