audioQuality property Null safety

AudioQualityCallback? audioQuality
read / write

Reports the statistics of the audio stream from each remote user/host.

Deprecated Use RtcEngineEventHandler.remoteAudioStats instead.

The SDK triggers this callback once every two seconds to report the audio quality of each remote user/host sending an audio stream. If a channel has multiple remote users/hosts sending audio streams, the SDK trggers this callback as many times.

The AudioQualityCallback typedef includes the following parameters: int uid: User ID of the speaker. int quality: Audio quality of the user. int delay: Time delay (ms) of the audio packet from the sender to the receiver, including the time delay from audio sampling pre-processing, transmission, and the jitter buffer. int lost: Packet loss rate (%) of the audio packet sent from the sender to the receiver.


AudioQualityCallback? audioQuality;