logConfig property Null safety

LogConfig? logConfig
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write

The configuration of the log files that the SDK outputs. See LogConfig.

By default, the SDK outputs five log files, agorasdk.log, agorasdk_1.log, agorasdk_2.log, agorasdk_3.log, agorasdk_4.log, each with a default size of 1024 KB. These log files are encoded in UTF-8. The SDK writes the latest logs in agorasdk.log. When agorasdk.log is full, the SDK deletes the log file with the earliest modification time among the other four, renames agorasdk.log to the name of the deleted log file, and creates a new agorasdk.log to record latest logs.


@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false)
LogConfig? logConfig;