updateChannelMediaRelay method Null safety

Future<void> updateChannelMediaRelay(
  1. ChannelMediaRelayConfiguration channelMediaRelayConfiguration

Updates the channels for media relay.

After the channel media relay starts, if you want to relay the media stream to more channels, or leave the current relay channel, you can call the updateChannelMediaRelay method.

After a successful method call, the SDK triggers the RtcEngineEventHandler.channelMediaRelayEvent callback with the ChannelMediaRelayEvent.UpdateDestinationChannel state code.


  • Call this method after the RtcEngine.startChannelMediaRelay method to update the destination channel.
  • This method supports adding at most four destination channels in the relay. If there are already four destination channels in the relay.

Parameter channelMediaRelayConfiguration The media stream relay configuration. See ChannelMediaRelayConfiguration.


Future<void> updateChannelMediaRelay(
    ChannelMediaRelayConfiguration channelMediaRelayConfiguration) {
  return _invokeMethod('updateChannelMediaRelay', {
    'channelMediaRelayConfiguration': channelMediaRelayConfiguration.toJson(),