setRemoteUserPriority method Null safety

Future<void> setRemoteUserPriority(
  1. int uid,
  2. UserPriority userPriority

Sets the priority of a remote user's media stream.

Use this method with the RtcEngine.setRemoteSubscribeFallbackOption method. If the fallback function is enabled for a subscribed stream, the SDK ensures the high-priority user gets the best possible stream quality.

Note The Agora SDK supports setting userPriority as High for one user only.

Parameter uid The ID of the remote user.

Parameter userPriority The priority of the remote user. See UserPriority.


Future<void> setRemoteUserPriority(int uid, UserPriority userPriority) {
  return _invokeMethod('setRemoteUserPriority', {
    'uid': uid,
    'userPriority': UserPriorityConverter(userPriority).value(),