setLogFileSize method Null safety

Future<void> setLogFileSize(
  1. int fileSizeInKBytes

Sets the log file size (KB).

By default, the SDK outputs five log files, agorasdk.log, agorasdk_1.log, agorasdk_2.log, agorasdk_3.log, agorasdk_4.log, each with a default size of 1024 KB.

These log files are encoded in UTF-8. The SDK writes the latest logs in agorasdk.log. When agorasdk.log is full, the SDK deletes the log file with the earliest modification time among the other four, renames agorasdk.log to the name of the deleted log file, and create a new agorasdk.log to record latest logs.


This method is deprecated from v3.3.1.

Parameter fileSizeInKBytes The size (KB) of a log file. The default value is 1024 KB. If you set fileSizeInKBytes to 1024 KB, the SDK outputs at most 5 MB log files; if you set it to less than 1024 KB, the maximum size of a log file is still 1024 KB.


Future<void> setLogFileSize(int fileSizeInKBytes) {
  return _invokeMethod('setLogFileSize', {
    'fileSizeInKBytes': fileSizeInKBytes,