setLocalVoiceReverb method Null safety

Future<void> setLocalVoiceReverb(
  1. AudioReverbType reverbKey,
  2. int value

Sets the local voice reverberation.


  • Adds the RtcEngine.setLocalVoiceReverbPreset method, a more user-friendly method for setting the local voice reverberation. You can use this method to set the local reverberation effect, such as Popular, R&B, Rock, Hip-hop, and more.

Parameter reverbKey Sets the reverberation key. This method contains five reverberation keys. For details, see the description of each value in AudioReverbType.

Parameter value Sets the local voice reverberation value.


Future<void> setLocalVoiceReverb(AudioReverbType reverbKey, int value) {
  return _invokeMethod('setLocalVoiceReverb', {
    'reverbKey': AudioReverbTypeConverter(reverbKey).value(),
    'value': value,