setDefaultMuteAllRemoteVideoStreams method Null safety

Future<void> setDefaultMuteAllRemoteVideoStreams(
  1. bool muted

Sets whether to receive all remote video streams by default.

You can call this method either before or after joining a channel. If you call setDefaultMuteAllRemoteVideoStreams(true) after joining a channel, you will not receive the video stream of any subsequent user.


This method is deprecated from v3.3.1.


  • If you want to resume receiving video streams, call RtcEngine.muteRemoteVideoStream (false), and specify the ID of the remote user that you want to subscribe to. To resume receiving video streams of multiple users, call RtcEngine.muteRemoteVideoStream as many times. Calling setDefaultMuteAllRemoteVideoStreams(false) resumes receiving video streams of the subsequent users only.

Parameter muted Sets whether to receive/stop receiving all remote video streams by default:

  • true: Stop receiving any remote video stream by default.
  • false: (Default) Receive all remote video streams by default.


Future<void> setDefaultMuteAllRemoteVideoStreams(bool muted) {
  return _invokeMethod('setDefaultMuteAllRemoteVideoStreams', {
    'muted': muted,