setDefaultMuteAllRemoteAudioStreams method Null safety

Future<void> setDefaultMuteAllRemoteAudioStreams(
  1. bool muted

Sets whether to receive all remote audio streams by default.

You can call this method either before or after joining a channel. If you call RtcEngine.setDefaultMuteAllRemoteAudioStreams (true) after joining a channel, you will not receive the audio streams of any subsequent user.


This method is deprecated from v3.3.1.


Parameter muted Sets whether or not to receive/stop receiving the remote audio streams by default:

  • true: Stop receiving any audio stream by default.
  • false: (Default) Receive all remote audio streams by default.


Future<void> setDefaultMuteAllRemoteAudioStreams(bool muted) {
  return _invokeMethod('setDefaultMuteAllRemoteAudioStreams', {
    'muted': muted,