setCameraExposurePosition method Null safety

Future<void> setCameraExposurePosition(
  1. double positionXinView,
  2. double positionYinView

Sets the camera exposure position.

A successful method call triggers the RtcEngineEventHandler.cameraExposureAreaChanged callback on the local client. See RtcEngineEventHandler.cameraExposureAreaChanged

Parameter positionXinView The horizontal coordinate of the touch point in the view.

Parameter positionYinView The vertical coordinate of the touch point in the view.


Future<void> setCameraExposurePosition(
    double positionXinView, double positionYinView) {
  return _invokeMethod('setCameraExposurePosition', {
    'positionXinView': positionXinView,
    'positionYinView': positionYinView,