setBeautyEffectOptions method Null safety

Future<void> setBeautyEffectOptions(
  1. bool enabled,
  2. BeautyOptions options

Enables/Disables image enhancement and sets the options.


  • Call this method after calling RtcEngine.enableVideo.
  • This method supports both Android and iOS. For Android, this method applies to Android 4.4 or later.

Parameter enabled Sets whether or not to enable image enhancement:

  • true: Enables image enhancement.
  • false: Disables image enhancement.

Parameter options The image enhancement options. See BeautyOptions.


Future<void> setBeautyEffectOptions(bool enabled, BeautyOptions options) {
  return _invokeMethod('setBeautyEffectOptions', {
    'enabled': enabled,
    'options': options.toJson(),