enableDeepLearningDenoise method Null safety

Future<void> enableDeepLearningDenoise(
  1. bool enabled

Enables or disables deep-learning noise reduction.

Since v3.3.1.

The SDK enables traditional noise reduction mode by default to reduce most of the stationary background noise. If you need to reduce most of the non-stationary background noise, Agora recommends enabling deep-learning noise reduction by calling enableDeepLearningDenoise(true).

Deep-learning noise reduction requires high-performance devices.

After successfully enabling deep-learning noise reduction, if the SDK detects that the device performance is not sufficient, it automatically disables deep-learning noise reduction and enables traditional noise reduction.

If you call enableDeepLearningDenoise(false) or the SDK automatically disables deep-learning noise reduction in the channel, when you need to re-enable deep-learning noise reduction, you need to call leaveChannel first, and then call enableDeepLearningDenoise(true).

Parameter enabled Sets whether to enable deep-learning noise reduction.

  • true: (Default) Enables deep-learning noise reduction.
  • false: Disables deep-learning noise reduction.


  • Agora recommends calling this method before joining a channel.
  • This method works best with the human voice. Agora does not recommend using this method for audio containing music.


Future<void> enableDeepLearningDenoise(bool enabled) {
  return _invokeMethod('enableDeepLearningDenoise', {
    'enabled': enabled,