RhythmPlayerConfig class Null safety

The metronome configuration, which is set in RtcEngine.startRhythmPlayer or RtcEngine.configRhythmPlayer.

  • @JsonSerializable(explicitToJson: true)


RhythmPlayerConfig({int? beatsPerMeasure, int? beatsPerMinute, bool? publish})
Constructs a RhythmPlayerConfig


beatsPerMeasure int?
The number of beats per measure. The range is 1 to 9. The default value is 4, which means that each measure contains one downbeat and three upbeats.
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write
beatsPerMinute int?
Tempo (beats per minute). The range is 60 to 360. The default value is 60, which means that the metronome plays 60 beats in one minute.
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write
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publish bool?
Whether to publish the sound of the metronome to remote users: [...]
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