RemoteVideoStats class Null safety

Statistics of the remote video.

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RemoteVideoStats(int uid, int delay, int width, int height, int receivedBitrate, int decoderOutputFrameRate, int rendererOutputFrameRate, int packetLossRate, VideoStreamType rxStreamType, int totalFrozenTime, int frozenRate, int totalActiveTime, int publishDuration)
Constructs a RemoteVideoStats


decoderOutputFrameRate int
The decoder output frame rate (fps) of the remote video.
read / write
delay int
Time delay (ms). In scenarios where audio and video is synchronized, you can use the value of networkTransportDelay and jitterBufferDelay in RemoteAudioStats to know the delay statistics of the remote video.
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frozenRate int
The total video freeze time (totalFrozenTime) as a percentage (%) of the total time when the video is available (totalActiveTime).
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height int
Height (pixels) of the remote video.
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packetLossRate int
Packet loss rate (%) of the remote video stream after network countermeasures.
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publishDuration int
The total publish duration (ms) of the remote video stream.
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receivedBitrate int
Bitrate (Kbps) received in the reported interval.
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rendererOutputFrameRate int
The renderer output frame rate (fps) of the remote video.
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runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
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rxStreamType VideoStreamType
Video stream type (high-stream or low-stream). See VideoStreamType.
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totalActiveTime int
The total time (ms) when the remote user in the Communication profile or the remote broadcaster in the Live-broadcast profile neither stops sending the video stream nor disables the video module after joining the channel.
read / write
totalFrozenTime int
The total freeze time (ms) of the remote video stream after the remote user joins the channel. In a video session where the frame rate is set to no less than 5 fps, video freeze occurs when the time interval between two adjacent renderable video frames is more than 500 ms.
read / write
uid int
ID of the user sending the video streams.
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width int
Width (pixels) of the remote video.
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