NetworkQuality enum Null safety

Network quality.


Bad → const NetworkQuality

Users can communicate only not very smoothly.

const NetworkQuality(4)
Detecting → const NetworkQuality

Detecting the network quality.

const NetworkQuality(8)
Down → const NetworkQuality

The network is disconnected and users cannot communicate at all.

const NetworkQuality(6)
Excellent → const NetworkQuality

The network quality is excellent.

const NetworkQuality(1)
Good → const NetworkQuality

The network quality is quite good, but the bitrate may be slightly lower than excellent.

const NetworkQuality(2)
Poor → const NetworkQuality

Users can feel the communication slightly impaired.

const NetworkQuality(3)
Unknown → const NetworkQuality

The network quality is unknown.

const NetworkQuality(0)
Unsupported → const NetworkQuality

Users cannot detect the network quality. (Not in use.)

const NetworkQuality(7)
values → const List<NetworkQuality>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<NetworkQuality>
VBad → const NetworkQuality

The network quality is so bad that users can hardly communicate.

const NetworkQuality(5)


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