LiveTranscoding class Null safety

A class for managing user-specific CDN live audio/video transcoding settings.

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LiveTranscoding(List<TranscodingUser> transcodingUsers, {int? width, int? height, int? videoBitrate, VideoFrameRate? videoFramerate, bool? lowLatency, int? videoGop, AgoraImage? watermark, AgoraImage? backgroundImage, AudioSampleRateType? audioSampleRate, int? audioBitrate, AudioChannel? audioChannels, AudioCodecProfileType? audioCodecProfile, VideoCodecProfileType? videoCodecProfile, Color? backgroundColor, String? userConfigExtraInfo})
Constructs a LiveTranscoding


audioBitrate int?
Bitrate (Kbps) of the CDN live audio output stream. The default value is 48 and the highest value is 128.
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audioChannels AudioChannel?
Agora’s self-defined audio channel type. Agora recommends choosing 1 (mono), or 2 (stereo) audio channels. Special players are required if you choose 3, 4, or 5. See AudioChannel.
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audioCodecProfile AudioCodecProfileType?
Audio codec profile type: AudioCodecProfileType. Set it as LCAAC or HEAAC. The default value is LCAAC.
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write
audioSampleRate AudioSampleRateType?
Self-defined audio-sample rate: AudioSampleRateType.
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backgroundColor Color?
The background color in RGB hex. Value only. Do not include a preceding #. For example, 0xFFB6C1 (light pink). The default value is 0x000000 (black).
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false, fromJson: _$ColorFromJson, toJson: _$ColorToJson), read / write
backgroundImage AgoraImage?
The background image added to the CDN live publishing stream. Once a background image is added, the audience of the CDN live publishing stream can see it. See AgoraImage.
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height int?
Height (pixel) of the video. The default value is 640. [...]
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lowLatency bool?
Agora does not recommend using this parameter. [...]
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transcodingUsers List<TranscodingUser>
An TranscodingUser object managing the user layout configuration in the CDN live stream. Agora supports a maximum of 17 transcoding users in a CDN live stream channel.
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userConfigExtraInfo String?
Reserved property. Extra user-defined information to send the Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI) for the H.264/H.265 video stream to the CDN live client. Maximum length: 4096 Bytes.
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videoBitrate int?
Bitrate (Kbps) of the CDN live output video stream. The default value is 400. Set this parameter according to the VideoEncoderConfiguration.bitrate(Video Bitrate Table). If you set a bitrate beyond the proper range, the SDK automatically adapts it to a value within the range.
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write
videoCodecProfile VideoCodecProfileType?
Video codec profile type: VideoCodecProfileType. Set it as BASELINE, MAIN, or HIGH (default). If you set this parameter to other values, Agora adjusts it to the default value HIGH.
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write
videoFramerate VideoFrameRate?
The frame rate (fps) of the video. The value range is (0, 30]. The default value is 15. The Agora server adjusts any value over 30 to 30.
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videoGop int?
Gop of the video frames in the CDN live stream. The default value is 30 fps.
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write
watermark AgoraImage?
The watermark image added to the CDN live publishing stream. Ensure that the format of the image is PNG. Once a watermark image is added, the audience of the CDN live publishing stream can see it. See AgoraImage.
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width int?
Width (pixel) of the video. The default value is 360. [...]
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