ConnectionStateType enum Null safety

Connection states.


Connected → const ConnectionStateType

The SDK is connected to Agora's edge server and joins a channel. You can now publish or subscribe to a media stream in the channel. If the connection to the channel is lost because, for example, the network is down or switched, the SDK automatically tries to reconnect and triggers:

const ConnectionStateType(2)
Connecting → const ConnectionStateType

The SDK is connecting to Agora's edge server.

const ConnectionStateType(1)
Disconnected → const ConnectionStateType

The SDK is disconnected from Agora's edge server.

const ConnectionStateType(0)
Failed → const ConnectionStateType

The SDK fails to connect to Agora's edge server or join the channel. You must call RtcEngine.leaveChannel to leave this state, and call RtcEngine.joinChannel again to rejoin the channel.

If the SDK is banned from joining the channel by Agora’s edge server (through the RESTful API), the SDK triggers the RtcEngineEventHandler.connectionStateChanged callbacks.

const ConnectionStateType(4)
Reconnecting → const ConnectionStateType

The SDK keeps rejoining the channel after being disconnected from a joined channel because of network issues.

const ConnectionStateType(3)
values → const List<ConnectionStateType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<ConnectionStateType>


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