CameraCaptureOutputPreference enum Null safety

The camera capture configuration.


Auto → const CameraCaptureOutputPreference

(default) Self-adapts the camera output parameters to the system performance and network conditions to balance CPU consumption and video preview quality.

const CameraCaptureOutputPreference(0)
Manual → const CameraCaptureOutputPreference

Capture Dimensions determined by user.

const CameraCaptureOutputPreference(3)
Performance → const CameraCaptureOutputPreference

Prioritizes the system performance. The SDK chooses the dimension and frame rate of the local camera capture closest to those set by RtcEngine.setVideoEncoderConfiguration.

const CameraCaptureOutputPreference(1)
Preview → const CameraCaptureOutputPreference

Prioritizes the local preview quality. The SDK chooses higher camera output parameters to improve the local video preview quality. This option requires extra CPU and RAM usage for video pre-processing.

const CameraCaptureOutputPreference(2)
values → const List<CameraCaptureOutputPreference>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<CameraCaptureOutputPreference>


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