AudioMixingReason enum Null safety

The reason for the change of the music file playback state, reported in the RtcEngineEventHandler.audioMixingStateChanged.


AllLoopsCompleted → const AudioMixingReason

The music file completes all loop playback.

const AudioMixingReason(6)
CanNotOpen → const AudioMixingReason

The SDK cannot open the music file. Possible causes include the local music file does not exist, the SDK does not support the file format, or the SDK cannot access the music file URL.

const AudioMixingReason(0)
InterruptedEOF → const AudioMixingReason

The music file playback is interrupted.

const AudioMixingReason(2)
OK → const AudioMixingReason

No error.

const AudioMixingReason(10)
OneLoopCompleted → const AudioMixingReason

The music file completes a loop playback.

const AudioMixingReason(4)
PausedByUser → const AudioMixingReason

Successfully calls pauseAudioMixing to pause playing the music file.

const AudioMixingReason(8)
ResumedByUser → const AudioMixingReason

Successfully calls resumeAudioMixing to resume playing the music file.

const AudioMixingReason(9)
StartedByUser → const AudioMixingReason

Successfully calls startAudioMixing to play a music file.

const AudioMixingReason(3)
StartNewLoop → const AudioMixingReason

The music file starts a new loop playback.

const AudioMixingReason(5)
StoppedByUser → const AudioMixingReason

Successfully calls stopAudioMixing to stop playing the music file.

const AudioMixingReason(7)
TooFrequentCall → const AudioMixingReason

The SDK opens the music file too frequently. If you need to call RtcEngine.startAudioMixing multiple times, ensure that the call interval is longer than 500 ms.

const AudioMixingReason(1)
values → const List<AudioMixingReason>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<AudioMixingReason>


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