Public Member Functions

 RtcEngineContext ()

Public Attributes

const char * appId
void * context
unsigned int areaCode

Detailed Description

Definition of RtcEngineContext.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RtcEngineContext()

agora::rtc::RtcEngineContext::RtcEngineContext ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ eventHandler

IRtcEngineEventHandler* agora::rtc::RtcEngineContext::eventHandler

◆ appId

const char* agora::rtc::RtcEngineContext::appId

The App ID issued to you by Agora. See How to get the App ID. Only users in apps with the same App ID can join the same channel and communicate with each other. Use an App ID to create only one IRtcEngine instance. To change your App ID, call release to destroy the current IRtcEngine instance and then call createAgoraRtcEngine and initialize to create an IRtcEngine instance with the new App ID.

◆ context

void* agora::rtc::RtcEngineContext::context

The video window handle. Once set, this parameter enables you to plug or unplug the video devices while they are powered.

◆ areaCode

unsigned int agora::rtc::RtcEngineContext::areaCode

The region for connection. This advanced feature applies to scenarios that have regional restrictions.

For the regions that Agora supports, see AREA_CODE. After specifying the region, the SDK connects to the Agora servers within that region.

The SDK supports specify only one region.