Public Attributes

uid_t uid
unsigned int volume
unsigned int vad
const char * channelId

Detailed Description

Properties of the audio volume information.

An array containing the user ID and volume information for each speaker.

Member Data Documentation

◆ uid

uid_t agora::rtc::AudioVolumeInfo::uid

User ID of the speaker. The uid of the local user is 0.

◆ volume

unsigned int agora::rtc::AudioVolumeInfo::volume

The volume of the speaker. The volume ranges between 0 (lowest volume) and 255 (highest volume).

◆ vad

unsigned int agora::rtc::AudioVolumeInfo::vad

Voice activity status of the local user.

  • 0: The local user is not speaking.
  • 1: The local user is speaking.
  • The vad parameter cannot report the voice activity status of the remote users. In the remote users' callback, vad = 0.
  • Ensure that you set report_vad(true) in the enableAudioVolumeIndication method to enable the voice activity detection of the local user.

◆ channelId

const char* agora::rtc::AudioVolumeInfo::channelId

The channel ID, which indicates which channel the speaker is in.