The Agora Signaling SDK will return error or warning codes when calling APIs or during runtime:

  • Error Codes occur when the SDK encounters an error that cannot be recovered automatically without any application intervention. For example, the SDK returns an error if it fails to turn on the camera, and reminds the user not to use the camera.

  • Warning Codes occur when the SDK encounters an error that might be recovered automatically. These are only notifications, and can generally be ignored.

Error Code Value Description
SUCCESS 0 No error.
LOGOUT_E_OTHER 100 Logout due to reasons such as network issues.
LOGOUT_E_USER 101 A user logged out.
LOGOUT_E_NET 102 A network issue.
LOGOUT_E_KICKED 103 The account is logged in another place.
LOGOUT_E_PACKET 104 This error code is obsolete.
LOGOUT_E_TOKENEXPIRED 105 The SignalingToken expired.
LOGOUT_E_OLDVERSION 106 This error code is obsolete.
LOGOUT_E_TOKENWRONG 107 This error code is obsolete.
LOGOUT_E_ALREADY_LOGOUT 108 Called logout() when already logged out of the signaling system.
LOGIN_E_OTHER 200 An unknown reason.
LOGIN_E_NET 201 A network issue.
LOGIN_E_FAILED 202 The login was rejected by the server.
LOGIN_E_CANCEL 203 The user cancelled the login.
LOGIN_E_TOKENEXPIRED 204 The SignalingToken expired, and the login was rejected.
LOGIN_E_OLDVERSION 205 This error code is obsolete.
LOGIN_E_TOKENWRONG 206 The SignalingToken is invalid.
LOGIN_E_TOKEN_KICKED 207 The user used a renewed SignalingToken to login another place.
LOGIN_E_ALREADY_LOGIN 208 The user has already logged in. You can ignore this error.
LOGIN_E_INVALID_USER 209 The user ID is invalid.
JOINCHANNEL_E_OTHER 300 Failed to join a channel.
SENDMESSAGE_E_OTHER 400 Failed to send message.
SENDMESSAGE_E_TIMEOUT 401 A timeout in sending a message.
QUERYUSERNUM_E_OTHER 500 Failed to query the channel user number.
QUERYUSERNUM_E_TIMEOUT 501 A timeout in querying the channel user number.
QUERYUSERNUM_E_BYUSER 501 This error code is obsolete.
LEAVECHANNEL_E_OTHER 600 The user left the channel due to an unknown reason.
LEAVECHANNEL_E_KICKED 601 The user was kicked out by the administrator.
LEAVECHANNEL_E_BYUSER 602 The user has left the channel.
LEAVECHANNEL_E_LOGOUT 603 The user was kicked out of the channel upon logout.
LEAVECHANNEL_E_DISCONN 604 The user left the channel due to a network outage.
INVITE_E_OTHER 700 The call failed.
INVITE_E_REINVITE 701 Repeated calls.
INVITE_E_NET 702 A network issue.
INVITE_E_PEEROFFLINE 703 The other user is offline.
INVITE_E_TIMEOUT 704 A call timeout.
INVITE_E_CANTRECV 705 This error code is obsolete.
GENERAL_E 1000 A general error.
GENERAL_E_FAILED 1001 A general error: Failure.
GENERAL_E_UNKNOWN 1002 A general error: Unknown.
GENERAL_E_NOT_LOGIN 1003 A general error: An action before login.
GENERAL_E_WRONG_PARAM 1004 A general error: A parameter call error.