class  Region

Public Member Functions

 VideoMixingLayout ()

Public Attributes

int canvasWidth
int canvasHeight
String backgroundColor
int regionCount
Region [] regions
String appData
int appDataLength

Detailed Description

The structure of VideoMixingLayout.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VideoMixingLayout()

io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.VideoMixingLayout ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ canvasWidth

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.canvasWidth

Width of the canvas (the display window or screen).

◆ canvasHeight

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.canvasHeight

Height of the canvas (the display window or screen).

◆ backgroundColor

String io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.backgroundColor

The background color of the canvas (the display window or screen) in RGB hex value.

◆ regionCount

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.regionCount

The number of the users (communication mode) or hosts (live broadcast mode) in the channel.

◆ regions

Region [] io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.regions

The users (communication mode) or hosts (live broadcast mode) list of VideoMixingLayout. Each user (communication mode) or host (live broadcast mode) in the channel has a region to display the video on the screen. See Region to set parameters.

◆ appData

String io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.appData

User-defined data.

◆ appDataLength

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.appDataLength

The length of the user-defined data.