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Detailed Description

The reasons why the recording server leaves the channel. LEAVE_PATH_CODE is the result of a bitwise OR operation on all returned enum values. For example, if both LEAVE_CODE_TIMER_CATCH (0b100) and LEAVE_CODE_CLIENT_LEAVE (0b1000) occur, LEAVE_PATH_CODE equals 0b100 | 0b1000, that is, 0b1100.

Member Data Documentation


io.agora.recording.common.Common.LEAVE_PATH_CODE.LEAVE_CODE_INIT =(0)

0: The initialization fails.


io.agora.recording.common.Common.LEAVE_PATH_CODE.LEAVE_CODE_SIG =(1<<1)

1: The AgoraCoreService process receives the SIGINT signal.


io.agora.recording.common.Common.LEAVE_PATH_CODE.LEAVE_CODE_NO_USERS =(1<<2)

2: The recording server automatically leaves the channel and stops recording as there is no user in the channel.


io.agora.recording.common.Common.LEAVE_PATH_CODE.LEAVE_CODE_TIMER_CATCH =(1<<3)

3: Ignore it.


io.agora.recording.common.Common.LEAVE_PATH_CODE.LEAVE_CODE_CLIENT_LEAVE =(1<<4)

4: The recording server calls the leaveChannel method to leave the channel.