Public Attributes

 ERR_OK =(0)

Detailed Description

Error codes.

When using the Recording SDK, you may receive error codes from the Native SDK. See more Error Codes.

Member Data Documentation


io.agora.recording.common.Common.ERROR_CODE_TYPE.ERR_OK =(0)

0: No error.


io.agora.recording.common.Common.ERROR_CODE_TYPE.ERR_FAILED =(1)

1: General error with no classified reason.


io.agora.recording.common.Common.ERROR_CODE_TYPE.ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT =(2)

2: Invalid parameter is called. For example, the specific channel name contains illegal characters.


io.agora.recording.common.Common.ERROR_CODE_TYPE.ERR_INTERNAL_FAILED =(3)

3: The SDK module is not ready. Agora recommends the following methods to solve this error:

  • Check the audio device.
  • Check the completeness of the application.
  • Re-initialize the SDK.