Public Member Functions

 VideoYuvFrame (u64_t frame_ms, uint_t width, uint_t height, uint_t ystride, uint_t ustride, uint_t vstride)
 ~VideoYuvFrame ()

Public Attributes

u64_t frame_ms_
const uchar_tybuf_
const uchar_tubuf_
const uchar_tvbuf_
uint_t width_
uint_t height_
uint_t ystride_
uint_t ustride_
uint_t vstride_
const uchar_tbuf_
uint_t bufSize_

Detailed Description

The parameters of the video frame in YUV format.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VideoYuvFrame()

agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::VideoYuvFrame ( u64_t  frame_ms,
uint_t  width,
uint_t  height,
uint_t  ystride,
uint_t  ustride,
uint_t  vstride 

◆ ~VideoYuvFrame()

agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::~VideoYuvFrame ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ frame_ms_

u64_t agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::frame_ms_

Timestamp of the frame.

◆ ybuf_

const uchar_t* agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::ybuf_

Y buffer pointer.

◆ ubuf_

const uchar_t* agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::ubuf_

U buffer pointer.

◆ vbuf_

const uchar_t* agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::vbuf_

V buffer pointer.

◆ width_

uint_t agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::width_

Width of the video in the number of pixels.

◆ height_

uint_t agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::height_

Height of the video in the number of pixels.

◆ ystride_

uint_t agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::ystride_

Line span of the Y buffer.

◆ ustride_

uint_t agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::ustride_

Line span of the U buffer.

◆ vstride_

uint_t agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::vstride_

Line span of the V buffer.

◆ buf_

const uchar_t* agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::buf_

Video frame buffer.

◆ bufSize_

uint_t agora::linuxsdk::VideoYuvFrame::bufSize_

Size of the video frame buffer.