You can use the Agora RTM (Real-time Messaging) SDK to create a stable messaging mechanism for real-time messaging scenarios that require low latency and high concurrency for a global audience.


The RTM SDK supports the following functions:

  • Send and receive online or offline peer-to-peer messages.
  • Send and receive channel messages.
  • Get the member list of a channel.
  • Create, send, cancel, accept, or decline a call invitation.
  • Set, update, or get user attributes or channel attributes.
  • Get the latest member count of specified channels.
  • Subscribe to or unsubscribe from the online status of the specified users.
  • Get a list of the peers by subscription.
  • Interconnect with the legacy Agora Signaling SDK.


You can use the RTM SDK for the following scenarios:

Scenario Application
Live interactive streaming
  • Commentaries
  • Chat rooms
  • Send gifts
  • Likes
  • Maintenance of the chat room status, such as the number of the channel members
  • Privilege management, such as removing or muting a specific user
  • Social network
  • Private chat messages
  • Group messages
  • Voice/Video call invitation commands
  • Education
  • Class group messages
  • Private chat messages
  • Whiteboard
  • Privilege management, such as awards, presenting, hands up or likes
  • IoT Control messages


    The RTM SDK has the following features:

    Feature Description
    High concurrency Supports sending up to a million channel messages simultaneously. Can cope with high-concurrency scenarios, such as in an online quiz.
    High reliability Service availability at 99.999%
    Low latency We have data centers distributed worldwide.
  • The average inter-continental latency is less than 200 ms.
  • The average intra-continental latency is less than 100 ms.
  • Compatibility Supports the following platforms:
  • iOS, Android (arm64, armv7, x86), macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web
  • Web: Chrome 49+, Firefox 52+, Safari 9+, Internet Explorer 11+
  • Java server and C++ server
  • Reference

    When integrating the Agora RTM SDK, you can also refer to the following article: