This page provides a brief overview of the limitations of the Agora RTM SDK for Android, including the maximum method call frequencies, maximum string length, unicode support and more.

Maximum Call Frequency

Function Method Maximum Call Frequency
Log in the RTM system login Two queries per second
Retrieve member count of specified channel(s) getChannelMemberCount one query per second
Join a channel1 join 50 queries every three seconds
Send messages
  • sendMessageToPeer
  • sendMessageToPeer
  • And sendMessage taken together
  • 60 queries per second
    Retrieve a member list of the channel getMembers Five queries every two seconds
    Renew the token RtmClient.renewToken Two queries per second
    Query the online status of the specified user(s) queryPeersOnlineStatus Ten queries every five seconds.
    Set user attributes
  • setLocalUserAttributes
  • addOrUpdateLocalUserAttributes
  • deleteLocalUserAttributesByKeys
  • And clearLocalUserAttributes taken together
  • 10 queries every five seconds
    Get user attributes
  • getUserAttributes
  • And getUserAttributesByKeys taken together
  • 40 queries every five seconds
    Set channel attributes
  • setChannelAttributes
  • addOrUpdateChannelAttributes
  • deleteChannelAttributesByKeys
  • And clearChannelAttributes taken together
  • 10 queries every five seconds
    Get channel attributes
  • getChannelAttributes
  • And getChannelAttributesByKeys taken together
  • 10 queries every five seconds

    1 The maximum call frequency limit for joining the same channel is two queries every five seconds.

    String Length

    Unicode support

    Supports channel and peer-to-peer messages, invitation content, and invitation response in UTF-8 only.


    • Notifications of a member joining or leaving the channel are automatically disabled when the number of channel members exceeds 512. If you have special requirements, contact
    • The current version supports querying the online status of a maximum of 256 users.
    • Attribute settings in one user attribute operation should not exceed 16 KB in size; attribute settings in one channel attribute operation should not exceed 32 KB in size; each attribute (key/value pair) should not excced 8 KB in size; the number of key/value pairs you set in one attribute operation should not exceed 32.