Public Member Functions

void onConnectionStateChanged (int state, int reason)
void onMessageReceived (RtmMessage message, String peerId)
void onTokenExpired ()

Detailed Description

Callbacks for the Agora RTM client methods.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onConnectionStateChanged()

void io.agora.rtm.RtmClientListener.onConnectionStateChanged ( int  state,
int  reason 

Occurs when the connection state between the SDK and the Agora RTM system changes.

stateThe new connection state. See ConnectionState.
reasonThe reason for the connection state change. See ConnectionChangeReason.

◆ onMessageReceived()

void io.agora.rtm.RtmClientListener.onMessageReceived ( RtmMessage  message,
String  peerId 

Occurs when the local user receives a peer-to-peer message.

messageThe received message. See RtmMessage.
peerIdThe user ID of the message sender.

◆ onTokenExpired()

void io.agora.rtm.RtmClientListener.onTokenExpired ( )

Occurs when the token expires.

This callback occurs when the token expires and reminds the user to renew it. When receiving this callback, generate a new Token on the server and call the renewToken method to pass the new Token on to the server.