The Agora Interactive Gaming Voice Android SDK, also known as the Interactive Gaming Voice C++ SDK, provides the voice function for gaming on the Android and C++ platforms.

For the key features included, see Interactive Gaming Overview.


Developed on the basis of Agora Native SDK and Agora C++ SDK, the version 2.2 was released on Oct. 31. See below for new features.

New Features

1. Set the Voice-only Mode

This release adds a setVoiceOnlyMode API to set the voice only mode. Once it is enabled, the SDK transmits only the voice stream, but not other streams, like the sound of keyboard strokes. This function can effectively optimize the audio quality.

2. Set the Audio Effect Position

This release adds a setRemoteVoicePosition to set the position and volume of the audio effects sent from the remote user.

3. Disables/Re-enables the Local Audio Function

When a user joins a channel, the audio function is enabled by default.
To receive audio streams without sending any audio stream after joining a channel, this release adds the enableLocalAudio method to disable or re-enable the local audio function.
Once the local audio function is disabled or re-enabled, the SDK returns the onMicrophoneEnabled callback function, and the local audio capturing stops.
This method does not affect receiving or playing the remote audio streams.