In this quickstart, you will learn how to use the Interactive Gaming Voice C++ SDK to make a voice call on Android platform.


  1. See Setting up Your Development Environment for the prerequisites, environment setup and SDK integration.

  2. When you use the SDK, you need to add SDK and add Framework Search Paths:

  3. Add SDK:

    • Download the Interactive Gaming Audio Only SDK.

    • Add the AgoraAudioKit.framework file into your build configuration file.

    • Add Agora framework. The Agora framwork has the following library dependencies:

      • AgoraAudioKit.framework
      • Accelerate.framework
      • SystemConfiguration.framework
      • libc++.tbd
      • libredolv.tbd
      • CoreMedia.framework
      • AudioToolbox.framework
      • CoreTelephony.framework
      • AVFoundation.framework
      • CFNetwork.framework
  4. Add Framework Search Paths:

  5. Import the iOS C++ SDK into the build configuration file:


  1. Create an IRtcEngine object and fill in your App ID.

    m_lpAgoraEngine = (IRtcEngine *)createAgoraRtcEngine();
    RtcEngineContext ctx;
    // inherit the event handler m_EngineEventHandler from IRtcEngineEventHandler
    ctx.eventHandler = &m_EngineEventHandler;
    // Fill in your App ID
    ctx.appId = APP_ID;
  2. Create and join a channel.

    m_lpAgoraEngine->joinChannel(NULL, "Your Cahnnel Name", NULL, 0);

You can now start 1 on 1 chat or group chat! The only difference is that the number of people joining the same channel.