If the audience of live interactive video streaming wants to leave for another channel, usually you need to call the following methods:

  • The leaveChannel method to leave the current channel.
  • The joinChannel method to join the new channel.

Starting with v2.9.0, the Agora Native SDK provides the switchChannel method for the audience to quickly switch between live interactive video streaming channels while staying connected to Agora. With this method, you can achieve a much faster channel switch than with the leaveChannel and joinChannel methods.


Before implementing the quick switch function in your project, ensure that you have implemented the basic live interactive video streaming in your project. For details, see Start Live Interactive Video Streaming.

After the audience joins a live interactive video streaming channel, call the switchChannel method to enable the audience to switch to another live interactive video streaming channel. Pass in the token and channel name of the new channel in this method.

A successful channel switch with this method triggers the onLeaveChannel and onJoinChannelSuccess callbacks.

API call sequence

The following diagram shows the API call sequence for channel switching:

Sample code

You can refer to the following code snippets and implement quick switching in your project:

mRtcEngine.switchChannel(YOUR_TOKEN, mRoomName);

We also provide an open-source demo project that implements Quick-Switch-Android on GitHub. You can try the demo and view the source code.

API reference


The switchChannel method takes effect only when the client role is AUDIENCE.