The audio and video quality of a live broadcast or a video call deteriorates under poor network conditions. To improve the efficiency of a live broadcast or a video call, the setLocalPublishFallbackOption and setRemoteSubscribeFallbackOption methods are used for the SDK to automatically disable the video stream when the network conditions cannot support both audio and video, and re-enable the video when the network conditions improve. The onLocalPublishFallbackToAudioOnly or onRemoteSubscribeFallbackToAudioOnly callback is triggered when the stream falls back to audio-only or when the stream switches back to the video.


    // Enable the dual-stream mode.

    // Configuration for the publisher.
    // When the network condition is poor, send the audio stream only. 

    // Configuration for the subscriber.
    // Try to receive the low-stream video under poor network conditions. When the network condition is not good for the video stream, receive the audio stream only. 

    // To switch between the remote high-stream and low-stream video:
    // Switch the remote video stream with a specified uid to a low stream. 
    // Note that you have to set the remote stream to dual-stream mode before receiving the low stream. 
    rtcEngine.setRemoteVideoStreamType(uid, Constants.VIDEO_STREAM_LOW);

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