Statistics of the network connection.

If getTransportStats is called successfully, this interface provides the statistics.


  • TransportStats



Optional NetworkType

NetworkType: "bluetooth" | "cellular" | "ethernet" | "none" | "wifi" | "wimax" | "other" | "unknown" | "UNSUPPORTED"

Network type.

  • "bluetooth": Bluetooth network.
  • "cellular": Cellular network.
  • "ethernet": Ethernet.
  • "none": No network.
  • "wifi": Wi-Fi.
  • "wimax": WiMax.
  • "other": Other network type.
  • "unknown": Unknown network type.
  • "UNSUPPORTED": The browser does not support getting the network type.


Chrome 61 or later is required for this function, and the compatibility is not guaranteed. See Network Information API for details.

Optional OutgoingAvailableBandwidth

OutgoingAvailableBandwidth: string

The estimated available bandwidth for sending the stream, in Kbps.

Optional RTT

RTT: string

RTT (Round-Trip Time) between the SDK and the access node of the SD-RTN, in ms.