Audio statistics of the remote stream.

If getRemoteAudioStats is called successfully, the RemoteAudioStatsMap interface provides the UID and RemoteAudioStats of each remote user.


  • RemoteAudioStats



Optional CodecType

CodecType: string

Decoding type of the received audio.

  • "1": Opus.
  • "2": AAC.

Optional End2EndDelay

End2EndDelay: string

End-to-end delay in ms.

Delay from capturing to playing the audio.

Optional MuteState

MuteState: string

Whether the audio is muted or not.

  • "1": Muted.
  • "0": Unmuted.

Optional PacketLossRate

PacketLossRate: string

Packet loss rate (%) of the remote audio.

Optional RecvBitrate

RecvBitrate: string

Bitrate of the received audio, in Kbps.

Optional RecvLevel

RecvLevel: string

Volume of the received audio.

Optional TotalFreezeTime

TotalFreezeTime: string

Total freeze time of the received audio.

Optional TotalPlayDuration

TotalPlayDuration: string

Total playing duration of the received audio.

Optional TransportDelay

TransportDelay: string

Transport delay in ms.

Delay from sending to receiving the audio.