AgoraRtcAudioVolumeInfo Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Declared in AgoraObjects.h


Properties of the audio volume information.


User ID of the speaker.

  • The uid of the local user is 0.
  • On macOS, if you call startRecordingDeviceTest or startPlaybackDeviceTest to test audio recording device or playback device, the uid of the audio recording device is 0, and the uid of the audio playback device is 1.

  • @property (assign, nonatomic) NSUInteger uid

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    The sum of the voice volume and audio-mixing volume of the speaker. The value ranges between 0 (lowest volume) and 255 (highest volume).

    @property (assign, nonatomic) NSUInteger volume

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    Voice activity status of the local user.

    @property (assign, nonatomic) NSUInteger vad


    • 0: The local user is not speaking.
    • 1: The local user is speaking.


    • The vad parameter cannot report the voice activity status of the remote users. In the remote users' callback, vad = 0.
    • Ensure that you set report_vad(YES) in the enableAudioVolumeIndication method to enable the voice activity detection of the local user.

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    The channel ID, which indicates which channel the speaker is in.

    @property (copy, nonatomic) NSString *channelId

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