• OS: Microsoft Windows 7+
  • Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2013+
  • Development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Recommended)

If you use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013+, you may encounter compatibility issues.

Add the Agora SDK to Your Project

  1. Download the Windows Voice SDK, and unzip it.
  2. Add the sdk/include folder to the INCLUDE directory of your project.
  3. Add the sdk/lib folder to the LIB directory of your project, and ensure that agora_rtc_sdk.lib is linked to your project.
  4. Copy all dll files under sdk/dll to the directory of your executable file.

Next Steps

You have set up the Windows development environment and can start a call/live broadcast following the steps under Quickstart Guide:

  • Initialize the SDK
  • Join a Channel
  • Publish and Subscribe to Streams