When a call or live broadcast ends, you can get feedback on the quality of experience to improve your product by asking your users to rate the call or live broadcast.

The Agora SDK provides methods for you to collect your users' ratings and comments on the calls.

After the rating function is implemented, you can see your users' ratings in Agora Analytics, as shown in the figure below:


Before proceeding, ensure that you have prepared the development environment. See Integrate the SDK for more information.

// swift
agoraKit.rate(agoraKit.getCallId(), 5, "This is an awesome call!");
// objective-c
NSString* callId = [agoraKit getCallId];
[agoraKit rate:callId rating:5 description:@"This is an awesome call!"]; 

API Reference


The API methods have return values. If the method fails, the return value is < 0.