To enable interoperability means enabling real-time audio and video call services by integrating SDKs of different platforms in the app. Users of the app can then join the same channel and interoperate with others using a mobile device (iOS or Android), a desktop device (Windows or macOS), or a web browser or web app.


Ensure that you prepared the development environment. See Integrate the SDK.

To enable interoperability between a mobile device and a web browser or app, you need to adjust the settings on both platforms.

Use this function only when the channel is in the live broadcast profile. Interoperability is enabled by default in the communication profile.

  • On the mobile device, call the enableWebSdkInteroperability method.

      // java
      // Ensure that this method is called from the native side to interoperate with the Web SDK.
  • For the Web, in the createClient method, set the mode argument as 'live'.

      // javascript
      // Choose the current mode and codec.
      var client = AgoraRTC.createClient({ mode: 'live', codec: 'h264' });


  • The settings must be adjusted on both the mobile device and the web browser/app to enable interoperability.