Before creating an AgoraRtcEngine instance, ensure that you prepared the development environment. See Integrate the SDK.


Create an AgoraRtcEngine instance by invoking sharedEngineWithAppId before joining a live broadcast channel.

In this method:

  • Pass the Agora App ID. Only apps with the same App ID can join the same channel.
  • Specify a delegate object. The Agora SDK uses the delegate object to inform the app of Agora engine runtime events, such as joining or leaving a channel and adding new users into the channel.
#import <AgoraRtcEngineKit/AgoraRtcEngineKit.h>


- (void)initializeAgoraEngine {
  self.agoraKit = [AgoraRtcEngineKit sharedEngineWithAppId:@"Your App ID" delegate:self];
import AgoraRtcEngineKit


func initializeAgoraEngine() {
   agoraKit = AgoraRtcEngineKit.sharedEngine(withAppId: "Your App ID", delegate: self)

Ensure that you call the sharedEngineWithAppId method to intiialize the AgoraRtcEngine before calling any other API.

Next Steps

You have created the AgoraRtcEngine instance and can start a live broadcast with the following steps:

To check the network connection or audio quality before joining a channel, you can refer to the following sections: