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What is the difference between the in-call volume and the media volume?
Type: Integration issues    Platform: Android / iOS / macOS / Windows / Unity / Cocos Creator / Electron / React Native / Flutter   Last Updated: 2020/11/12 00:20:19

When you set the volume of a device, you set either the in-call volume or the media volume.

  • In-call volume: During an audio or video call, you set the in-call volume.
  • Media volume: When you play background music, video or games, you set the media volume.

The differences between the two are as follows:

  • In-call volume features acoustic echo cancelling, and should always be above 0.
  • Media volume features quality sound performance, and can be set 0.

The SDK provides six audio scenarios with the setAudioProfile method: CHATROOM_ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION, GAME_STREAMING, SHOWROOM, CHATROOM_GAMING and DEFAULT.

  • If you set scenario to GAME_STREAMING, all users use the media volume.
  • If you set scenario to EDUCATION, SHOWROOM or DEFAULT, audience users in the Live-broadcast profile use the media volume, while host users in the Live-broadcast profile and all users in the Communication profile use the in-call volume.
  • If you set scenario to CHATROOM_ENTERTAINMENT and CHATROOM_GAMING, all users use the in-call volume.

Given the system restrictions, the media volume can be set to 0, but the in-call volume cannot. If you want to adjust the volume to 0, ensure that you set an audio scenario where the system uses the media volume.