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How can I enable image enhancement?
Type: Integration issues    Platform: Android / iOS / macOS / Web / Windows / Unity / Cocos Creator / Electron / React Native / Flutter   Last Updated: 2021/08/27 02:40:46

During a video call or live streaming, users often want to improve their on-screen appearance, which can help improve their confidence. The Agora RTC SDK provides APIs to help you easily implement basic image enhancement. Users can enable this functionality and then adjust a number of image enhancement options including skin smoothing, acne removal, and a "rosy cheeks" effect to achieve natural-looking enhancements.

If the basic image enhancement function provided by the Agora RTC SDK does not meet your needs and scenarios, you can integrate a third-party image enhancement SDK with the Agora RTC SDK to implement real-time video interaction with advanced image enhancement functions. Agora provides an open-source sample project for your reference.


  1. Ensure that you have implemented basic real-time functions in your project. See Start Interactive Live Video Streaming or Start a Video Call.
  2. Call setBeautyEffectOptions to enable image enhancement and set the image enhancement options.

Sample code


// Java
mRtcEngine.setBeautyEffectOptions(true, new BeautyOptions(LIGHTENING_CONTRAST_NORMAL, 0.5F, 0.5F, 0.5F));


// Swift
let options = AgoraBeautyOptions()
options.lighteningContrastLevel = .normal
options.rednessLevel = 0
options.smoothnessLevel = 0
options.lighteningLevel = 0

agoraKit.setBeautyEffectOptions(true, options: options)


// Objective-C
AgoraBeautyOptions *options = [[AgoraBeautyOptions alloc] init];
options.lighteningContrastLevel = AgoraLighteningContrastNormal;
options.rednessLevel = 0;
options.smoothnessLevel = 0;
options.lighteningContrastLevel = 0;

[self.agoraKit setBeautyEffectOptions:YES options:options];


// C++
bool enabled = true;
agora::rtc::BeautyOptions options;
options.lighteningContrastLevel = BeautyOptions::LIGHTENING_CONTRAST_NORMAL;
options.lighteningLevel = 0.7;
options.smoothnessLevel = 0.5;
options.rednessLevel = 0.1;

m_lpAgoraEngine->setBeautyEffectOptions(enabled, options);

Web 3.x

// Web 3.x
// setBeautyEffectOptions is an asynchronous method and must be called with Promise or async/await keywords.
// To enable image enhancement immediately after creating a video stream, you can call setBeautyEffectOptions in the Client.on("stream-published") callback.
var streamPublishedHandler = async function() {
    await localStream.setBeautyEffectOptions(true, {
        lighteningContrastLevel: 1,
        lighteningLevel: 0.7,
        smoothnessLevel: 0.5,
        rednessLevel: 0.1
    });"stream-published", streamPublishedHandler);
client.on("stream-published", streamPublishedHandler);

Web 4.x

// Web 4.x
// Call setBeautyEffect in LocalVideoTrack to set the basic image enhancement function.
// The localVideoTrack in the following example is a local camera video track object created with AgoraRTC.createCameraVideoTrack.
localVideoTrack.setBeautyEffect(true, {
    lighteningContrastLevel: 1,
    lighteningLevel: 0.7,
    smoothnessLevel: 0.5,
    rednessLevel: 0.1
}).then(() => { console.log("set Beauty Effect Options success!") });

Agora also provides an Online Demo for you to experience the basic image enhancement function.

API reference



Third-party frameworks developed from Native


  • The image enhancement function involves real-time processing that is resource intensive. Therefore, enabling this function can reduce the system performance of low-end devices below acceptable levels.
    Agora does not recommend enabling image enhancement for low-end devices where the user's video-encoding profile is 360P at 30 fps or 720P at 15 fps or higher.
  • The image enhancement function of the Agora Web SDK is not supported on mobile devices and only supported on certain browsers. See Web 3.x or 4.x API reference.
  • When you use the setBeautyEffectOptions method of the Agora Web 3.x SDK, note that this method has call sequence restrictions and image enhancement options are only available for high-quality video streams. See Web 3.x API reference.