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How can I solve channel-related issues?
Type: Integration issues    Platform: Android / iOS / macOS / Windows   Last Updated: 2020/11/11 23:39:24

In poor network conditions, does the SDK force users to leave a channel?

No, users do not automatically leave a channel unless they do so themselves. For example, the application calls the leaveChannel method.

Does each channel/room need an administrator in a call?

No, an administrator is only implemented in the business management layer. Your signaling server sends commands and calls the SDK interfaces for call management.

Does the client need to maintain the channel?

No, a channel is created and deleted automatically. When all users leave the channel, the channel is deleted automatically.

What are the App ID and Dynamic Key? How can I use them?

See Use Security Keys for details.

How do I check who is speaking in the channel?

The following callbacks indicate who is speaking and the speakers' volume.

  • For Android and Windows: onAudioVolumeIndication
  • For iOS and macOS: reportAudioVolumeIndicationOfSpeakers

By default, these callbacks are disabled. You can use the enableAudioVolumeIndication method to enable them.