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How do I get the user's call duration?
Type: Integration issues    Platform: Android / iOS / macOS / Web / Windows / Unity / Cocos Creator / Electron / React Native / Flutter   Last Updated: 2020/11/12 00:00:39


During a call, a user may join and leave a RTC channel for multiple times, and the user's call duration is the actual time when the user is in the channel. You can use the user's call duration as one of the calculation standards for business applications such as billing.


Use the Agora RTC SDK

By design, the SDK triggers the onRtcStats callback after a user successfully joins a RTC channel. To get the duration between each channel-join and channel-leave, use the totalDuration parameter of the last onRtcStats callback triggered before the user leaves the channel. If a user joins and leaves a RTC channel for multiple times, you can calculate the user's call duration by adding up the values of totalDuration.

The above callback is in Java. For other programming languages, use the following parameters to get the user's call duration:
  • C++: The duration parameter of the onRtcStats callback.
  • Objective-C: The duration parameter of the reportRtcStats callback.
  • Javascript: The Duration parameter of the Client.getSessionStats method.
  • If the connection is lost under poor network conditions, the calculated duration maybe inaccurate. Use Agora RTM SDK or a different signaling system to implement a heartbeat mechanism, and get the disconnected time of the client. You can calculate the user's call duration by subtracting the disconnected time of the client from the call duration obtained from the Agora RTC SDK.

    Use Agora Analytics

    On the Call Search page of Agora Analytics, you can find a user's call duration in the In-call Periods column. See Call Search.