Agora Analytics is a tool that tracks and analyzes the usage and quality of calls. You can use this tool to locate quality issues, find root causes, and fix the issues to improve the final user experience. See details in Agora Analytics Overview.


This release adds the Real-time Alarm function (Beta), to help you identify abnormalities, analyze quality factors, and locate the source of each abnormal issue, all in real time. See details in Real-time Alarm.


This release adds the Big Channel function (Beta), which provides the Big Channel monitoring and issues diagnosis, and improves the operational efficiency of user activities in Big Channels. See details in Big Channel.


This release adds the Realtime function (Beta), which helps to monitor the live status of your project. It also informs you of any abnormalities that occur along with their root cause. See details in Realtime.


This release adds the Data Insight function (Beta), which provides statistics on the usage and quality of your project over a specified period of time. You can view the quality statistics in various dimensions, such as country and SDK version. See details in Data Insight.


This release adds key events in Call Search function, which improves the efficiency of call search.


This release provides Call Search function, which helps to search calls and analyze quality issues. See details in Call Search.