How do you check the recording permissions?

  • iOS/macOS: The first system launch prompts you to set the recording permissions. If you manually close the settings, you can query the system interface by calling AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().recordPermission()[iOS8.0+] to check the recording permissions.

  • Android: Different manufacturers implement different methods to check the recording permissions. The Agora Native SDK can detect a recording failure and report an ERR_ADM_RECORD_AUDIO_FAILED (1018) error code, but this method may not cover all phones. Your app can prompt the user to check the recording permissions by reporting the recording error code.

Can I record in an audio or video call?

Yes, Agora provides recording API methods and allows you to store recorded files on specified servers.

Should I use the Agora Recording Server, Agora Recording SDK, or CDN Recording?

The Agora Recording SDK is the recommended solution for all users.

Is the recording trigger controlled by the server?


How does the server know when to join a channel and the channel details since the server triggers the recording?

The server decides when to join a channel (start recording) or leave a channel (stop recording) through your signaling layer. Joining a channel with the Agora Recording SDK is similar joining a channel with the Agora Native SDK at the client side.

How do I know when the recording is complete?

Automatic recording mode: If no one is in the channel when the idle time is up, the Agora Recording SDK stops recording and leaves the channel. The application monitoring the leaveChannel callback indicates that the recording is complete and moves to the next step, such as uploads the recording file to another server.

Can I record the voice or video of a specific user?

This function is not supported. You record the audio or video of all users.

Must the Recording SDK use the same channel profile as the Agora Native/Web SDK?

Yes. If not, issues may occur.

When does the recording stop when I use the command line to record?

The recording stops in one of the following scenarios when you use the command line to record:

  • Press Ctrl + C.
  • When you set the channel idle timeout duration and if no user is in the channel after this duration, the channel disconnects and the recording stops automatically. The default value is 300 seconds.

When I use the command line tool to integrate the recording SDK, the error no recording in java.library.path occurs. How do I fix it?

Reason: The system environment cannot find the file.
Solution: Check if the java demo is compiled and the library file is generated, and then, check and configure the path of the library file.
For example, on Linux, if the path of the library file is /home/user/Desktop/tool/Agora_Recording/samples/java/bin/io/agora/recording/, configure LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/profile, ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc as follows: