You can add members to your account and set these members as different roles with specified permissions.

This page shows how to add new members and manage members in Dashboard.

Only the administrator has access to the Member & Role page.

Add a member

Follow these steps to add a member to your account:

  1. Log in Dashboard and click in the left navigation menu to enter the Member & Role page. Click Add in the Member & Role page.

  1. Fill in the email address of this member, specify the role, and then click OK.

  • See the permissions of different roles.

  • You can add up to 10 members.

  1. We will send a confirmation email to this address for the member to set his/her password.

Manage members

After adding the members, you can:

  • Click to reset the role and permissions of a member.
  • Click to allow a member to reset his/her password. The member receives an email to reset the password.
  • Click to remove a member from your account.

Role permissions

Click Role Management in the left navigation menu and enter the Role Management page.

Predefined roles

Agora predefines five roles for you. The permissions of these five predefined roles are as follows:

  • Administrator has full access. The administrator can view the usage, Agora Analytics, the account balance and transactions, and manage projects and members.
  • Finance has access to the Billing Center.
  • Product/Operation has access to the Product & Usage page.
  • CS/Maintenance has access to the Agora Analytics page.
  • Engineer has access to the Agora Analytics and Product & Usage pages.

Customize a role

Follow these steps to customize a role:

  1. Click Add a role in the Role Management page.
  2. Fill in the role name and select which pages this role can access under the Usage, AA, Finance, Member & Role, and Project tab. You can also specify which projects this role can view under the Data tab.

  1. Click OK.