This page provides common troubleshooting strategies for Agora's interactive broadcast products and services.

Why can I hear the voice in the CDN broadcast but cannot see any image?

Check whether the app calls the setLiveTranscoding method.

Why can two hosts join the same channel but cannot see each other?

Check the following:

  • Ensure that the two hosts use the same App ID, especially when a customer has multiple App IDs.
  • Ensure that the two hosts enter the same channel name and join the same channel.
  • Ensure that the two hosts are connected to the Internet.

I set the resolution as 640 x 360. Why is the actual resolution of the screen 640 x 352?

On some Android systems, the video widths must be multiples of 16. Hence, if you set the video width as 360 pixels, the actual width is 352 pixels.