This article describes how to delete an Agora account in Agora Console.


To delete an Agora account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are the creator of the account to be deleted.
  • The account to be deleted is not a reseller account created in Agora Reseller Console, but an Agora account created in Agora Console.
  • There are no active projects under your account. If there are any, go to the Project Management page to disable all active projects.
  • Your account balance is zero.
    • If your account balance is positive, go to the Withdraw page to request a withdrawal.
    • If your account balance is negative, go to Billing Center to make a payment.
  • Last month's bill has been issued.
  • All of your packages have either expired or been used up, including:
    • RTC and Cloud Recording packages.
    • Support packages.
    • Extension Marketplace packages.
  • There are no members under your account. If there are any, go to the Member Management page to delete all members.

Delete an account

  1. Log in to Console, and click Account Name > Setting in the top navigation menu.

  2. Select Security, and scroll down to Delete account. Make sure that you meet all the prerequisites, and then click Delete Account.

  3. Read the pop-up prompt carefully, and then click Continue.

    If any prerequisites are not met, an error message explaining which prerequisite is the issue will appear after you click Continue. Please address the issue following Prerequisites and try again.
  4. Fill in the reason why you want to delete your account, enter the admin email address for this account, and then click I understand all the risks and want to continue.

    The admin email address for this account is the email address that you use to sign up for this account. You can find this email address in Account Name > Setting > Basic Info.
  5. Follow the pop-up prompt to verify your identity.

  6. Make sure you fully understand the risks of deleting an account, and then click Submit request.

After receiving your account deletion request, Agora sends you an email for confirmation and processes the request within a week.

Once the request is approved, Agora deletes your account and notifies you by email.