Agora Mobile Gaming Overview

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Agora Mobile Gaming Overview

The Agora Mobile Gaming (AMG) SDK aims at helping Unity and Cocos game developers quickly integrate voice and video functions into their gaming projects. You can choose to access voice or video functions with the SDK and Wrapper either in C# under Unity, or in C++ under Cocos. If you prefer to use the original Objective-C and Java ports, you can also use the Agora Native SDK to access voice and video functions.

The Agora Mobile Gaming SDK consists of five SDKs:

  • Unity Video (C#)
  • Unity Voice (C#)
  • Cocos Voice (C++)
  • iOS Voice (Objective-C)
  • Android Voice (Java)


The Agora Mobile Gaming SDK consists of the following features to enhance the gaming experience:

  • Minimal impact: No impact on the gaming performance, perfect compatibility with gaming sound effects (FMOD, Wwise), and an optimized package size that uses limited CPU resources and power consumption.
  • High quality: 32-kHz ultra-wideband audio quality, minimal latency (average 76 ms), zero disruption (echo elimination and noise reduction), and no lag (low packet loss).
  • Designed for gaming: A combination of free and command mode, voice changing, location detection by sound, and simulator support.
  • Stereo quality: Stereo sampling and playback.


  • Quickstart Guides on how to deploy and use the Agora Mobile Gaming SDK, such as preparing the environment, integration, sample code, and an example.
  • API Reference lists various APIs to call and their functions when using the Agora Mobile Gaming SDK.
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